People often ask where to begin:

We are in the here and now. No other moment exists – yet the present moment is fleeting and is let go before we realize it. There is no holding on. We are as good as we can be, however imperfect that may be. We have billions of years of evolution inside us. We can accept this. Breathe in; alive. Breathe out; alive. Smiling – accept ourselves; Smiling, accept everyone else, everything else, living and non living, our blue planet home and the cosmos. We have the uncommon gift of reflection on self, consciousness of the bigger picture and smallest dewdrop.

When we grasp, we suffer. In the atomic world it seems chaos is inevitable, yet we cling to a desire for order. We try to hold on to perfection, pleasure, order, other people and things, even this life. It can become an obsession. In reality, it is suffering. The Buddha gave us tools and our tradition teachers have gifted us invaluable practice to overcome suffering for ourselves and other sentient beings, for our planet.

According to our Zen tradition, practice is the source of ……………….. , well, the way out of suffering, the way to happiness, ease and joy for ourselves and all beings, for our planet.

4 Noble Truths:

The Noble 8-fold path:

The Metta Sutta; Sutra of Loving Kindness:
We are so grateful to Thich Nhat Hanh, our beloved contemporary teacher, to the Plum Village Sangha and their resources.

Plum Village are easy to find on line (unfortunately I cannot paste the link) and you can sign up for their news letters to your email address giving details about regular meditation activities, retreats and courses.

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