06 September 2021 our Sangha explored the Gasshō (Namaste) gesture that we greet with. We then moved on to Bowing and Prostrating in the Buddhist tradition. We will have an outdoor get-together with tea around the bandstand in Dock Park on Wednesday 12:00. Any who are interested are very welcome.

We enjoyed a lovely September mid-day early Lunch Brunch together in the park. All agreed that it will be good to meet together regularly. We have now got a WhatsApp group to keep in closer touch about everyday events. If anyone would like to have more details please email

We thank from our hearts the Allanton Peace Sanctuary, a beautiful location for a gathering commemorating International Day of Peace. We were welcomed as guests of Dumfries and Galloway Interfaith to an International and Intercontinental event, the gathering in Allanton linked on Zoom bringing us all together in a very moving and meaningful way.

International Day of Peace, Equinox and Mid autumn festival coincided with the glorious big moonrise on 21 and 22nd. Clear skies on 21st with the moon rising over the North sea (Viewed from Aberdeen). A Happy peaceful Autumn and winter to all beings! Especially to troubled Humanity.

As we are living and enjoying the darker season there are new opportunities for practice with many of the on-line Sanghas, and in-person Zazen resuming. We want to consider setting up a CIC (Community Interest Company) as a platform for Earthzendumfries. More about this as deliberation proceeds.