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It was good to meet again friends even though restricted by the Pandemic distancing precautions.

Stay safe, protect each other,

All life matters,

Black lives matter!

“We are the leaves of one tree” – Bahá’u’lláh and Thich Nhat Hanh

Welcome to early winter, so good to be here.

Plan is to hold the next Zazen sit and chat each Monday at 19:50. Do join us a little before that, around 19:50. The arrangement with 2 back to back Zoom meetings gives us more than 1 hour in total.

We all share the energy of meditating together. Sangha discussion uniting us to gather with our planet and our cosmos. Thanks to our 3rd Jewel, our Sangha.

Just like this week, To overcome the Zoom time limit on the current (Free) Zoom account, a second Zoom meeting will begin at 20:30 pm to give plenty of time for Sangha discussion. The log-ins are the same for all these repeating Monday Night meetings. Please invite friends to join.

Please email: earthzendumfries@yahoo.com to request the log-in.

Many Thanks to Dumfries and Galloway Multicultural Association (DGMA) for publicizing our Sangha. and the Dumfries and Galloway Green Book.

Plan to sit comfortably for 30 minutes starting 20:00 pm. If we meet between 19:50 and 19:55 it gives time for a quick ‘Hello’. Lotus position, half lotus or any comfortable meditation position would be fine, sitting on a chair is OK if it works for you.

Before 20:00, Take a few minutes to sit comfortably, sway your body and relax your neck and shoulders. This is a good opportunity to have a stretch, do a little yoga if you like! Ears over shoulders, nose over navel, eyes forward and down a little. Gentle Smile to be here! Lean upright slightly forward, tripod style. Come home to yourself. Let go. Mindfully take a healthy big breath and fill your lungs with our currently very clean air, gently let the air out, not in any hurry, no target tonight. Be blessed in the wonderful moment.

All of life can be a meditation, mindfully doing each activity in the precious moment. Sitting in Zazen according to our Buddhist tradition is a way to focus the practice towards living the best possible way. Zazen helps in many ways, even towards concentration and a good healthy night’s sleep.

When the crisis is  over, we will be able to joyfully meet together. Meantime the on-line opportunity, with Zoom, presents itself.

The timetable will be as follows:

19:50 pm: Welcome

20:00 pm: Invitation Bell; Meditate in silence for around 30 mins

20:30 pm: Bell. End of silent meditation

Open the second Zoom meeting

Walking meditation for 5-6 minutes

20:35: Greetings Bell: Greetings and chat for 20-35 mins


21:00 pm: Approx. Close

The purpose of the Sangha is mutual support. A village, a community. Becoming established and rooted upon the earth; there is plenty to do, practicing Dharma with our community and our environment.

No experience of meditation is necessary!

New members will be warmly welcomed and given a few tips to settle them in to meditation.

Hints and Tips:

Like this one around 600 years ago from Eihei Dogen

“Think of not thinking. …….What kind of thinking is that?……Nonthinking!

chzc.org/pat51.htm is a good read from Josho Pat Phelan

Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh gives us this serene poem:

I have arrived, I am home

In the here, in the now

I am solid, I am free

In the ultimate I dwell

Tea will be shared when we can hold our sangha joyfully together.

We are non-sectarian and welcome people of all cultural, and religious backgrounds, believers or not.

We have no dogma, the Dharma can be summarized as non-Dharma!

Contacts: earthzendumfries@yahoo.com